Tropical Harvest Update


See how consumers describe starfruit’s
taste, texture, aroma and sensation?

Caribbean Red papayas - GT

High demand. Good supplies.

SlimCado tropical avocados - FLA

Transitioning from medium to large sizes.

Florida starfruit - FLA

Summer’s peak is near for this Florida treat.

Florida passionfruit - FLA

It’s the last couple of weeks for passionfruit’s summer season.

Florida Dragonfruit - FLA

Small pick this week and next.

Persian Limes - MX

Transitioning between crops.

Solo papayas - BR

Limited air space, limited supplies.
Nutritional info…

Groovy Coconuts - DO

Some damage from tropical storm Isaisa. Call!

Ginger - BR

Market turning back around as Chinese product becomes limited.

Mamey - FLA

Summer brings mamey, one of the sweetest fruits, to harvest. Available thru October. Call!

Jackfruit - FLA

We Floridians will pick to your order. Call 48 hours before your order ships.

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