Tropical Harvest Update


Fresh coconut, once you try it you’ll never go back.

Caribbean Red papayas - GT

We are slowly coming out of the production gap. Look for a return to normal volumes in mid-November.

SlimCado tropical avocados - FLA / DO

Florida varieties are pumping out large fruit and Dominican fruit is peaking for the best of both worlds!

Florida starfruit or carambola - FLA

The 2020/2021 winter crop is slow to start, but promotable volume expected for the December holidays.

Florida passionfruit - FLA

The next crop is expected to begin in late November.

Florida Dragonfruit - FLA

The final “real” harvest of the Florida crop is this week with imports expected to ramp up in January.

Opening dragonfruit…

Persian Limes - GT / MX

Consistent volume across most sizes with a slight trend of larger fruit.

Solo papayas - BR

Airspace has been opening up slightly, although that could change on a moments’ notice.

Groovy Coconuts - DO

Moderate but consistent supply.

Ginger - BR

High worldwide demand expected to keep the market active at least until China begins in December.

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