Tropical Harvest Update


Large Papaya will remain tight through March. Tropical avocado transitioning from Carla to Beneke. Florida Carambola available for the Spring Holidays. Persian Limes and Dragon Fruit markets are active!

More tropical updates…

Caribbean Red papayas - GT

Expecting tight supplies through March.

SlimCado tropical avocados - FLA / DO

DO Carla variety will begin to wind up over the coming weeks as we enter Beneke season.

Starfruit or carambola - FLA

Fruit available through March and for the Holidays. Sizes are BIG

Passionfruit - FLA

A few in late April and the vines are looking good for the summer season.

Dragonfruit - EC

Supplies from Ecuador continue to arrive via air and boat. Florida season begins in June.

Solo papayas - BR

Solo papaya supplies are steady with broader size distribution.

Persian Limes - GT / MX

Persian limes will remain limited with sizing well distributed although heavier to smalls.

Ginger - BR

“Young” season. Freshest ginger via air from Brazil.

Groovy Coconuts - DO

Spring “baking” holiday promotions available!

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