Tropical Harvest Update

07.12.2021 – Hurricane Season has started!

SlimCado tropical avocados - FLA / DO

Volume will moderate through the end of July as the overall Florida crop is down about 25% compared to 2020 – which was not a big year.

Dragonfruit - Florida

Promotable volume will continue through July 23rd.

Starfruit or carambola - FLA

About 8″ of rain fell overnight from Hurricane Elsa and took care of the drought conditions. Luckily not too much wind damage. Medium sized fruit available through July.

Caribbean Red papayas - GT

Sizing trending larger so make BIG displays with BIG fruit!

Solo papayas - BR

Promotions available on all sizes – 8/9/10ct!

Ginger - BR

Brasil continues to produce the finest ginger on the market this time of year and volume will be consistent through the summer.

Groovy Coconuts - DO

Summer is a popular time for coconuts and worldwide demand for fresh coc-products continue to build. We personally hand select each nut for your 24ct cartons.

Passionfruit - FLA

We do not expect fruit besides the odd, few flats here and there until the possible August crop comes on.

Persian Limes - GT / MX

Smaller sizes are becoming the “premium” due to summer rains, although  you can expect good availability across the range.

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