Tropical nutrition

A Nutritionist talks tropicals

The health benefits of eating tropical fruits, a nutritionist’s view.
You’ll find tropical fruits add a great exotic taste to eating healthy.

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Caribbean Red and Solo papayas

Papaya carries a nutritional punch just because of their red color. A color important for healthy eating.

SlimCado avocado

This Caribbean avocado has all the nutritional punch of the hass variety, but naturally has lower fat and fewer calories.

Starfruit from Florida

Light and refreshing, starfruit delivers vitamins and minerals with few calories.


Passionfruit’s intense and aromatic flavor can now be found in ice teas, baked goods, yogurt and smoothies. Great taste and nutritious, what a plus.

Dragonfruit or Pitaya

Its appearance is a show stopper, the flavor familiar yet tropical and its nutritional value all combine for a great treat.

Solo papaya

It’s the sweetest of the papayas with hard core nutrition packed into every Solo papaya. Try this truly sweet fruit in nutrition and taste.

Persian Limes

That lime squirt has a nutritional punch. Vitamin C tops the list, but there’s so much more. See how lime’s juice can add sparkle to a dish and your healthy eating.

Groovy Coconut

First things first, fresh coconuts are high in saturated fat. But, and this is a big but, they are also a good source of minerals and fiber.