How we grow

taking care of what we share
water, soil, land and air
How we grow
Our role Growing, picking and delivering fresh, great tasting tropical fruits and vegetables to your table for another 100 years.

All with respect for the resources that make the fruit possible
Our avocado groves The next 100
Tropical fruits need the year-round heat and humidity found in tropical climes.

We grow in Southern Florida, across the Caribbean, Central, and South America. Mother Nature plays a dominant role in our farming. More...
Farming in the tropics Mother Nature Our starfruit fields
Organic? How to tell if it's organic... Our passionfruit fields Our produce is not organic.

Our crops need the tropical heat and humidity to grow. Crop diseases and pests also thrive in this environment. It’s hard to be organic, but we try, using organic fertilizers and sprays whenever possible.

10 years ago, organic seemed out-of-reach. Now we leverage what's been achieved. There can be significant limits, smaller volumes and season. But these too will evolve.

Brooks leverages and helps this evolvement along by working closely with the University of Florida’s Tropical Research Department. Brooks also has its own research team working on it.
All of Brooks Tropicals produce is non-GMO.

Any fruit or veggie with a label can be identified as GMO, Non-GMO or even organic. Here’s how...
Non-GMO Our dragonfruit fields Label ID
Sustainability More... Some of our land has been farmed for over 100 years. We want to do so another 100. It has taken soil and water conservation and leveraging new techniques: computers, sensors, and even drones.

We keep up by working closely with the University of Florida’s Tropical Research Center, and numerous other entities to understand and to enact the best farming practices not only for what we grow, but where and how we grow it.

Brooks exceeds the Best Agricultural Practices set by the USDA,

Plus Brooks Tropicals has its own renown research team that has added to this knowledge database.
Overall this topic gets a lot of press, and deservedly so when something goes wrong. Not much is heard about what’s done to make sure fruits and vegetables are fresh, delicious and safe.

Not to downplay fresh and delicious, but at Brooks Tropicals top priority is given safe.
Food Safety Our papaya fields More...
We are the guardians of the land we farm. Every decision each of us makes, impacts this resource. We do it for you to enjoy a delicious tropical fruit. And we do it for our family of employees and their families.

Farmlands dwindle while the population grows, all within an environment we can not nor will not ignore.
The land
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