Papaya plants grow fast…

Don't blink!

Fast growing... Caribbean Red Papaya Papaya plants grow fast. Watch them grow. Don't blink! Caribbean Red papaya Seedlings Spent 1st 3 weeks of its life in our nursery. Now ready to be planted in our papaya fields. Caribbean Red papaya Seedling planted Looks lonely, but it will soon have company. Planted in a row Caribbean Red Papaya Planted close together at first, but will be thinned later. Getting started Caribbean Red Papaya Just a foot high, these papaya bushes are just getting into their growth spurts. 6 months old Caribbean Red Papaya Just about to flower, that means papayas are soon to come 9 months old Caribbean Red Papaya We're seeing papayas. The fruit grows in a spiral around the trunk of the plant. 1 year old Caribbean Red Papaya Happy Birthday! We'll be harvesting that fruit soon.

Don’t blink!

From seedling to over 8 feet tall in just under a year, that’s a papaya bush for you. And yes, it’s a bush not a tree. We grow our Caribbean Red papaya in Guatemala and our Solo papayas in Brazil.