You’ve asked for our guacamole recipe

It's so good that you've doubted us

Just our tropical avocado, the SlimCado and a mix

Make it yourself!

Don’t take our word on it. It’s easy and quick. That’s both quick to make and quickly eaten.

Things to remember

– When the mix says “add 2 medium avocados” add just 1 SlimCado. Our tropical avocado is that big.

– Make the guacamole the night before. That lets the mix release all its flavors. Just make, cover with plastic film and refrigerate.


– You may find a thin layer of water on top of your guac after a night in the refrigerator. Just pour the water off, it’s done its job helping the dry mix release all of its flavors. Stir the guac and serve. Await your compliments. 

– What about browning? SlimCados brown much slower than haas avocados. Covering the top of the guac with a layer of plastic film should avoid most of the browning you’re used to with haas.  

Why the difference?

Haas are grown in dry climates. SlimCados are grown in Florida and the Caribbean where it’s anything but dry.

These are tropical avocados. Grown in the heat and the humidity of the tropics, they naturally have higher levels of water in them. 

We use that to our advantage in making guacamole. The higher water level inside the fruit helps release the mix’s full flavor and lets it brown much slowly.

Is this the only guac you can make?

No, we make lots of different guacamole dips, spreads, salads, smoothies, soups, and even desserts.

But when it comes to making guac for our visiting customers, we grab a mix because we want our avocados to star in the dish. 

For fun, serve the guac in the SlimCado’s skin. Eye-catching and time-saving in one more way, you don’t have a dish to clean.