Our papaya fields

Our fields Growing Caribbean Red papaya We grow our papaya in Guatemala. The papaya plant loves the heat and humidity and only does well in a tropical climate. Papaya trees? no bushes Our plants Papaya plants are really bushes Even though the papaya plant can grow extremely tall, it's considered a bush.

Caribbean Red papaya Long and straight Here's a field ready for planting. The plants are planted on mounds to conserve water and to prevent weeds. Caribbean Red papaya 3 months old We grow the seeds in a nursery until they're about a month old. Planted the papaya plant grows fast. Caribbean Red papaya Flowers start it all You have to look closely to see the flowers, But it's worth the look. Caribbean Red papaya A column of fruit As the plant grows, papayas will grown in a spiral around the trunk of the plant. Caribbean Red papaya Rows of papayas A field in the sun. Caribbean Red papayas Field supervision Checking moisture levels, growth and so much more. Caribbean Red papaya For more info... Click Here