Comin’ thru

Tropical avocados, big in size and taste

Big on ways to enjoy

Seafood Salad

Tropical avocados are grown close to the sea. No wonder they’re a perfect addition to any seafood salad. And note, the bowl could be an avocado half.

Seafood salads

Veggie Salad

Veggies’ crisp clean tastes match perfectly with the creamy butter tastes of the SlimCado.

Veggie Salads

Fruit salad

Almost any fruit will do. Pick a berry, citrus, tropical, pear or apple for a great tasting dish for lunchbox, snack or supper.

Fruit salads


Boiled, scrambled, fried, poached – your choice for topping SlimCados, mashed sliced or cubed.

Egg'd on


Turkey, ham, chicken and beef are complimented nicely with slices of SlimCado. And vegetarian sandwiches are made superb with one. Hard to go wrong.


That's a wrap!

What’s inside wraps have got to stand out, and SlimCados live up to that promise.

That's a wrap!

Soup's on

If you love tomato soup, you’ll love tropical avocado soup. And it’s so versatile you can enjoy it warm or cold.

Soup's on

Soup topper

Chunks of tropical avocado add nicely to the soup it tops.

On Soup


If the grill is hot, toss some tropical avocados on top. Coat with a bit of oil before the slices get the heat.


Power up!

Those power shakes could use some TASTE! The tropical avocado, SlimCado to the rescue.

Power up!

Puts the smoothie in that smoothie

SlimCados have a creamy buttery taste, plus high in nutrients and low in calories. Perfect add-in to any fruit shake.

Smooth operator

Chocolate Wonder

SlimCados and chocolate, what’s not to love. Their creamy taste blend to perfection.

Chocolate wonder

Of course, a spread

Say bye-bye to mayonaise, simply mashed SlimCados got it beat both in taste and nutrients. Usually less calories.

Of course, a spread

Baked in bread

Sure bakes into a great avocado loaf, but lower the liquid in other recipes and enjoy how SlimCados add a subtle deliciousness to any loaf.

Baked in bread

Or slices, instead

Lots of things you can enjoy with SlimCados, but don’t forget the beauty of a slice to stick a spoon into.

Slices instead