How to pick a lime

Get the juiciest!

It’s all about picking the juiciest. The greener the better? Not really.

Limes start their growth green then change to a different shade or shades of green or even yellow.

Still going for the darkest of limes? Be warned they can be hard, acidic, and have very little juice.

For the most juice, pick limes that are…

  • Soft to the touch, not hard as a rock.
  • Heavy for its size, that means more juice.
  • No impact on juice or taste if…
    • The lime is not all one color. A lighter green or even yellow just means that part of the fruit got more sun. Wind and rain move branches, leaves and other limes. The parts of the fruit that got more sun will be lighter.
    • The lime is scratched. Usually, that’s where branches, twigs or other limes rubbed up against the peel.