We’ve got you covered!

The scoop about starfruit

Starfruit signage, consumer hand-outs, or hand-outs to help your in-store merchandising pros, we’ve got it all. And it’s all customer customizable.

For your customer, the consumer

Bright and cheery 5×8 hand-out that describes Florida starfruit’s

  • Taste
  • Signs of ripeness
  • Suggestions on enjoying some stars from the sunshine state

For your in-store pros

One sheet says it all.

  • About starfruit, info that enables question-answering at the store level
    • How to enjoy
    • Tell when ripe
    • How to slice into stars
  • Merchandising tips
    • How to display
    • Florida’s season
    • Shelf life
    • Storage temps

For your in-store signage

Short and sweet tell-all to grab consumers’ attention.