Juicing limes

When juicing to the max, try a slightly different cut to yield more juice. Taking out the lime’s core tends to unleash the rest of the lime and its juices. Here are some tips.


Wash before slicing. Limes should be at room temperature. Use a serrated knife, lime’s peel can be a bit tough.


Roll! With the back of your hand, roll the lime across your cutting board.

Microwave For 30 seconds. Let return to room temperature before proceeding.

Vertical slice 1

Holding the lime stem down, take a serrated knife and slice downward to stem. Slicing just next to the stem and core of the lime (It’s like slicing a mango).

Vertical slice 2

Keeping the lime on its stem, slice off the other side. Again slice close to the stem and the core of the lime.

Lay core flat

Place the center or core of the lime flat on the cutting board. Slice off the juicy sides.

5 ez pieces

That gives you 5 lime pieces 2 large, 2 small and 1 core. Juice all five. Use the smaller pieces as wedges. Slice the larger pieces as desired.