Description: Shaped like a log, the yam is brown and shaggy-coated. This tuber has a crisp flesh that may be either white or yellow.

Yams are not even distantly related to the sweet potato but are generally sweeter with more natural sugar. Yams can generally be used in any sweet potato recipe.

Although you may find canned vegetables labeled as yams, they are most likely not true yams. Warning: Unlike sweet potatoes, Yams are toxic if eaten raw, yet perfectly safe when cooked.

Taste: Generally described as potato-like, a cooked yam has a nutty flavor with a firm texture.

Selection: Select hard yams without cracks or soft spots.

Ripening: Not necessary

Season: All year

Brooks Origin: Costa Rica (primarily), Jamaica

Nutritional Info: A single 1-oz. serving contains 33 calories and Vitamin A.

The real yam
The real yam

For our retailers and wholesalers

Ethylene Production: None

Ethylene Sensitivity: Medium

Shelf Life: Yams can be kept for approximately 5 days before their quality is affected.

Storage Temperature: 60° – 65°F

Storage Humidity: 70% – 80%