Passionfruit’s seeds

Toss'em or lov'em

passionfruitFresh passionfruit seeds will remind you of raw sunflower seeds. Eat or drink them whole or chopped (food processor does it best), the seeds give a small crunch to the fruit’s taste.

Three ways to go “passionate”
  1. Add it all, juice, pulp and seeds
  2. Pour in just the juice, using a cheesecloth or strainer to extract it
  3. Toss the passionfruit’s insides into a food processor or blender. The juice, pulp and seeds become one ingredient for a smoothie, drink or dish.

Want another reason not to toss the seeds? They’re an excellent source of fiber. Read more about passionfruit’s nutritional benefits…

Anyway you want it...

passsionfruit drinks

New to passionfruit? Try it straight out of the shell. Then decide whether to add it all to ice teas, lemonades, cocktails and of course, a smoothie.

Or strain the seeds and pulp out for a more refined taste. But don’t get stuck in a rut. Try it different ways.

Passionfruit delivers a different taste and texture each way.

Cooking with tropical heat

passionfruit sauce

Just like sunflower seeds, passionfruit seeds get a definite crunch when heated.

Passionfruit adds a hint of the tropics to any dish that baked, cooked, fried or microwaved. The seeds give the dish a bonus crunch that’s often a great addition to the dish.

A must read on seeds

Passionfruit seeds are loaded with piceatannol and scirpusin B, polyphenolic compounds that have strong antioxidant activity.

Animal research indicates that the polyphenols found in passion fruit seeds contribute to vasorelaxation, a widening of blood vessels resulting from the relaxation of smooth muscle cells within the blood vessel walls. This widening of blood vessels leads to a decrease in vascular pressure, helping to promote a healthy cardiovascular system.

Those little seeds of goodness are also rich in insoluble dietary fiber. Insoluble fiber is an effective ingredient for promoting intestinal function to include regular bowel movements and prevention of hemorrhoids and constipation.