Growing Passionfruit

Our fields Growing passionfruit Our passionfruit are grown in southern Miami-Dade county, a subtropical climate. Perfect for passionfruit which needs heat and humidity to grow. Varieties Any color, great taste Passionfruit's outside color may vary from green to purple, but the insides have the same great taste.

passionfruit a vineyard, yes Grapes, no. Passionfruit grows on vines much like grapes. We support the vines with posts and wires to help the vine and the fruit to grow. passionfruit Loves our iron-rich soils We grow passionfruit in an area called the Redlands. As you can see, it's appropriately named. passionfruit it starts with a flower As the flower fades, a fruit will (fingers crossed) grow. See below... flower opening fading flower passionfruit Don't pick this fruit! Passionfruit has a mind of its own. We gently shake the vine and the fruit decides whether or not to drop into our harvesting basket. passionfruit New fields planted to meet growing demand and sometimes to re-coup after a hurricane. That's farming in the tropics. passionfruit For more info... Click Here