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Caribbean Red papaya

Ethylene Production and Sensitivity: High
Shelf Life: Once 100% yellow, the papaya should be enjoyed within two to three days.
Storage: 50° – 55°F
Humidity: 85% – 95%

Caribbean Red papayas deserve at least 3 spots.

  1. This big fruit is hard to miss. It’s size and gorgeous color easily signals the tropical or specialty section in your store.
  2.  Slice this papaya in half. Package it with a spoon and a slice of lime for the perfect snack. Your customer who needs less than a whole fruit will also appreciate it. This fruit’s a favorite for breakfast and lunch on-the-go.
  3. If you’re serving smoothies, make sure your menu has a couple of tropical treats. Caribbean Reds brings a sweet taste to any frozen concoction.


Other ideas

  1. Form a skirt around the melons with Caribbean Red papayas. This papaya a perfect addition to any fruit salad your customer makes themself or that they pick up in your ready-to-go section.
  2. “Bang for your buck” displays showing how we can get the most bang out of our produce bucks are fun with Caribbean Red papayas deserving a spot.

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Show what the consumer needs to know (in priority order)

    1. Like a melon, Caribbean Red papaya has a sweet taste and aroma.
    2. Once 50% yellow and it gives to a gentle squeeze, it’s ripe. Enjoy within a day of two after the fruit is fully yellow.
    3. This fruit’s pinkish flesh contains papain, an enzyme which helps digestion.
    4. Cut open and enjoy by the spoonful. Or slice or cut to add to salads – fruit or leaf.
    5. This fruit is NOT GMO.

UPC 081679432002

PLU 3112

Case counts: 7-15

Pallet count: 54 boxes