Key Lime


Description: Key limes, also called Mexican limes, are small (1-2″), round, thin-skinned yellowish fruit with a brisk, unique flavor compared to other limes. The key lime usually has a more tart and bitter flavor than other limes. Compared to lemons, key limes have a higher sugar and citric acid content. For a different accent on or in your food, use the key lime instead.

Taste: Highly acidic and uniquely tart

Selection: Choose a firm fruit that feels heavy for its size. The skin should be light yellow and fine-grained, like leather. Avoid any signs of decay, mold or blotchy, brown spots. Don’t buy if the skin is turning hard or shriveled.

Ripening: Not necessary

Season: All year

Brooks Origin: Mexico

Nutritional Info:

  • Serving size 1 fruit Amount per serving
  • Calories 20
  • Total Carbohydrates 7.0g
  • Dietary fiber 2.0g
Key limes
Key limes

For our retailers and wholesalers

Ethylene Production: Low

Ethylene Sensitivity: Medium

Shelf Life: Keep well at room temperature. Once ripe, the fruit can be wrapped in plastic and refrigerated for up to one week.

Storage Temperature: 55°F

Storage Humidity: 85%-90%