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Luvin' Starfruit

Florida’s starfruit is sweet and refreshing, great for topping or adding to drinks, salads, entrees and desserts.

Florida's starfruit's in season!

Florida’s starfruit are SWEET not tart and they’re in season now. Remember green = tart, when yellow, starfruit’s ripe = sweet.

The star of the cheese plate

Florida starfruit shines on cheese and fruit plates. This refreshingly sweet fruit goes perfectly with its neighbors on the plate.

Falling for Starfruit

Some of Florida’s trees turn into stars, starfruit that is. Starfruit’s a refreshingly sweet fruit that’s a great addition to your fall’s snacks, meals, and treats.

Stars for your school day

You can give gold stars, but why not give stars that can be snacked or lunched for fun. Starfruit from Florida, now in season.

U R what you eat!

And if you’re eating Florida starfruit, you’re a star.  Sweet and refreshing, perfect for snacking, salad topping, drink dunking and dessert perfecting.

Salads love a good stafruit

That’s fruit, lettuce and veggie salads that crave a couple of slices of Florida stars. Starfruit gives the refreshing bite while adding quite the star appeal to the dish.

Fruit bowls starring starfruit

Talk about giving the kitchen counter’s fruit bowl some star appeal. That’s starfruit from Florida. It’s a snack, you’ll smack your lips over.

Spring has sprung

And Florida’s starfruit’s here for perfect additions to outdoor eating whether drink, appetizer, salad, entree or dessert.

Stars in their eyes

Of course, it’s Florida’s starfruit season.

Star spangled Florida starfruit!

It’s hooray for the red, white and blue fruit from the Sunshine state, Florida. Add stars to any eating, outdoors or in.

Get excited...

over something tropical this winter. Starfruit from Florida can be added to almost any dish, drink or dessert.

Sandwich stars

Florida starfruit, refreshingly sweet and tropical taste for any sandwich from meat-luvin’ to vegan perfect.

Fall stars

Florida’s the sunshine state. But in the fall it’s the star state because starfruit’s in season. A great tasting tropical with a crisp bite for those crisp days of fall elsewhere.

Signs of the fall

when there are slices of starfruit within your reach.

Can't name a salad

That doesn’t both taste better and look better with slices of starfruit topping it. Don’t stop there, add some slices before tossing with the dressing for a hint of the tropics with every forkful.

Why wear your heart on your sleeve?

When Florida’s starfruit is in season,  ready for a quick snack.

Not ur cookie cutter fruit

Starfruit, like no other fruit, slices into stars that have a crisp, refreshingly tropical taste that’s easy to love.

Wintery stars

From a tropical state, starfruit from Florida. Bite into the tropics for a refreshing taste that will take you away from the cold.

In class or online

Florida’s starfruit gives a great “gold star” treatment to great efforts or time for lunch.