How dragonfruit’s grown

How dragonfruit gets its shape

The spikes, the bright green, the bold pink – doesn’t just happen. Here’s how dragonfruit gets its shape.

Growing dragonfruit

Just south of Miami before you hit the Keys, these dragonfruit are growing. They love the heat and humidity of Southern Florida’s sub tropical clime. See how they’re grown.

Wild looking fruit with a wild story to tell

Panorama of a dragonfruit field

Get a view from up high of these dragonfruit fields.

A wild story to tell

What fruit starts off their story with “on a full moon night”? Dragonfruit does.

Why photos at night?

Because that’s when dragonfruit takes center stage, waiting for its “suitor”. Its pollinator, the bat.

From bud to fruit, dragonfruit

It’s a wild fruit with an equally wild story to tell about how it grows.