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Is that coconut green, mature or dried?

Coconut water comes from green coconuts. Fresh white (no preservatives, no added sugars) coconut comes from mature or Groovy Coconuts. And coconut that’s packaged is dried coconut, dense in calories and fat. Read more…

fresh coconut is so worth it

Telltale signs of a great coconut

That brown hard coconut shell won’t give you an idea of what’s inside. Here are 3 things you need to do when buying to get a gorgeous white coconut inside ready for scooping, slicing or shredding.

Opening a Groovy Coconut

So worth the effort

It takes some effort, so don’t open up just one. Freeze what you don’t use.
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Ideas and recipes

Ideas and recipes

Groovy Coconut can be opened then sliced or shredded. It can even act as a bowl for the dish. Top a favorite recipe with fresh coconut or add it as an ingredient. Your dish will sparkle with freshness and moisture that’s hard to get with any other ingredient.