Farm Tales

There’s a lot to see and do on a farm.

But our tropical fruit farms aren’t like wheat fields nor apple orchards. The plants, bushes and trees we grow fruit on can look wild. The fruit can look wild!

See how we grow these tropical fruits. You’ll find our fruits can have wild stories to tell…


P is for papaya.

This is a papaya field. Papaya bushes can grow more than 30 feet tall! But they’re not trees.

As a papaya bush grows, new leaves form at the top then flowers. Bees help to start growing fruit. The bush grows a little bit more and old leaves drop, new leaves form and so on. 

See more about papayas are grown 


A is for avocado!

This is an avocado tree in the tropics where it’s almost always HOT! In the tropics, our avocados grow big. But before it’s an avocado, it’s a flower. You might look at the flower and think that’s not as pretty as a rose. But to us avocado farmers we think the avocado tree’s flower is beautiful. It tells us the fruit will soon be here. 

See what the avocado’s flower looks like…


S is for starfruit!

Why do we call it starfruit? Because when you slice it, it looks like a star.

Starfruit was first grown in southern Asia underneath huge trees. This fruit loves a tropical climate but sometimes likes a little shade.

Starfruit is sometimes called carambola. See how we grow this fruit in southern Florida…


D is for dragonfruit!

How can a fruit look so wild on the outside but be so mild on the inside? Dragonfruit does just that. And it has a wild story to tell about how it gets that way

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This P is for passionfruit!

It may be small but its taste lives up to its name.

Now would you eat a fruit that’s all wrinkly? No? But that’s what you do with passionfruit. As it wrinkles the flavor gets better and better.

It’s a stubborn fruit, you don’t pick it. Passionfruit tells you when it’s good and ready to be picked. You jiggle the vine, and if it wants to be picked passionfruit will drop into your bucket.

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