3 ways – Solo papayas

ideas to enjoy Solo papayas - the 3 way fruit Once you cut it open, do you just eat with a spoon? Make it the dish for a salad, entree or dessert? Or scoop it out and add to an appetizer, side or snack? Ideas... captn who? Solo papaya Enjoy right out of the shell Squirt of lime perhaps, but a Solo's simply great just out of its shell. Solo papaya Use as a bowl Scoop just about any cereal into one. With every spoonful, you'll get some yummy Solo with it.
But scoop some salad into one...
Solo papaya Served in a Solo Uniq Fruit and edamame salad Solo papaya Ingredient and bowl Chop one Solo papaya and add as an ingredient to a salad, then cut another Solo open and serve the salad in it. Twice the Solo flavor, yum! Solo papaya Double duty Black beans and Solo papaya salad served in a Solo Solo papaya Leave the skin behind Perk up any salad with Solo papaya as an ingredient then served in one of your best dishes. Let'em guess what the great tasting fruit is. Solo papaya Ask this guy... Maybe later, he's busy. A stirfry with Solo papaya will do that to you. Solo papaya More ideas and recipes Click here