Growing limes

Our groves Growing Limes Limes just ready to pick. We pick'em ripe so they're ready to enjoy. Love the tropics These limes are growing in Mexico. The green of the leaves match the green of the fruit. You've got to look close to see the limes. Limes New lime grove As far as the eye sees Our limes are also grown in Guatemala and Colombia. The start of new flowers means the fruit's not far behind. The start Flowering begins It all starts with flowers With help of our pollinators, bees, limes are soon to come. Small delights bloom and grow As flowers fade... A new crop of limes emerge. Just picked Picked ripe But don't pick when dew or rain is on the lime. Pick a wet one and the moisture will "blow-up" the fruit. Adds a spark of tart tropical flavor to any dish. Look for Brooks' limes. A squirt or two Versatile limes