Growing starfruit

Our groves Growing Starfruit A couple of starfruit almost ready to pick. Starfruit's gorgeous pink flowers show where new starfruit will grow. Loves the tropics Florida starfruit Starfruit originated in SE Asia where it grows under a canopy of century old trees. A little help with Sun and wind Florida doesn't have ancient trees to help starfruit grow. But a screen provides a bit of protection from these elements. Bi-coastal Starfruit Starfruit loves a sandy soil. We grow this fruit on both coasts of Southern Florida. It all starts with flowers Tell of starfruit that's soon to come. Dainty and pink bloom and grow As flowers bloom... starfruit grow. During the season, blooms and fruit will often share the same branch. Starfruit tree Grows tall and spindly Starfruit trees can grow up to 40 feet. But keeping the tree trimmed 15 to 20 feet makes for a healthier tree, as well as a safer tree for us to harvest . Growing starfruit Looking up! It's a beautiful sight when you grow starfruit.