All about Water Coconuts


Also known as Green or immature coconuts

Taste:  Coconut water comes across first as sweet then a little tart. Overall it’s nutty and refreshing. It’s considered a great way to rehydrate your body after a workout.

Looking for coconut to shred or slice? That’s a Groovy Coconut…

Growing: Southern Florida

Season: year-round

Selection: Jiggle the water coconut and listen for a sloshing sound. Without it, the water coconut may not have any liquid. Avoid those with cracked husks.

Ripe: Water coconuts are immature coconuts ready for sipping. For gorgeous white coconut meat, that’s a mature coconut like the Groovy Coconut.

Open: Cut an end down to the outer husk then section out a center hole to access the coconut water which may spray slightly when opened. Water coconuts can have a significant amount of liquid inside.

Enjoy: Right out of the coconut or strain the liquid for drinks. Refrigerate the coconut water, never refrigerate the husk before opening it.

Water Coconuts
Water Coconuts

In the know

Rehydrate with coconut water
Rehydrate with coconut water

Coconut water

Water coconuts are also called young, green or immature coconuts.

Cracked open, the liquid found inside is called coconut water which is not to be
confused with coconut milk.

Coconut water has long been a popular drink in the tropics. With high potassium and mineral content, coconut water helps the body recover from rigorous exercise.

Coconut palm
Coconut palm

water not milk

The liquid found inside a green or immature coconut is called coconut water. It IS NOT coconut milk.

Coconut milk is made from the liquid of a mature coconut like the Groovy Coconut.

Looking up into the stars of a starfruit tree
Looking up into the stars of a starfruit tree

What’s this coconut?

You’ll see these in the refrigeration section of your grocery store. They are husked immature coconuts often called young coconuts. Keep refrigerated! And watch the expiration date, these immature coconuts don’t last long.