Quick Look at the SlimCado

avocardio with the Slimcado SlimCado naturally light and creamy tasting About Our groves Recipes Taste SlimCados have a light and creamy, almost buttery avocado taste. Main Menu Next Ripe? 1. SlimCados stay green as they ripen.
2. It's ripe when the avocado gives to a gentle squeeze.
3. Don't refrigerate until ripe.
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3 avocados Nutrition Naturally, SlimCados have less fat and fewer calories. 1 cup is only 275 calories!

Considering what you should be eating in your daily diet, 1 cup of this avocado provides

67% of vitamin C
31% of vitamin E
20% of folate
23% of potassium 52% of fiber SlimCados have the "good" monounsaturated fats. Main Menu No GMO
Not GMO Brooks Tropicals has been growing SlimCados over 90 years starting in Southern Florida. The label will tell you if it's GMO. Check the number, if it's 4 digits it's conventionally grown like our SlimCados.

GMO produce have 5 digits that start with 8. Organic starts with 9.
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avogroveprofile From our groves to your table SlimCados have been growing for over a century here in Southern Florida. Miami-Dade has a rich agricultural history based less than an hour from the glamour of South Beach. See More Main Menu Recipes Ways to enjoy SlimCados SlimCado coconut corn chowder SlimCado cilantro topping Tropical chimichurri sauce Main Menu Recipes