No-recipe ideas for starfruit

intro Starfruit from Florida No recipes needed ez ways to add this nutritious fruit to your diet Fruit plates Starfruit from Florida Fruit plate stars Citrus, tropical, melons, berries all merrily go with starfruit. Some folks may not wait to be served. Fruit salads Starfruit from Florida Add to any salad Fruit, leaf or seafood, starfruit will make the salad shine.

Toss in at the last moment to make sure the stars shine on the top.
Aqua fresca Starfruit from Florida Drink up Simply slice and add to water.

Or toss in a blender for a refreshing drink.
Entree Starfruit from Florida Star-studded entree When frying or baking the entree, add the stars 10 minutes before done.

Or toss into a stir-fry.
Desserts Starfruit from Florida Way to end the meal Add to baked goods for a refreshing sweet touch.

Instead of adding a cookie to a scoop of ice cream, add a star.
Snackin' Starfruit from Florida Starfruit can be eaten like an apple.

This fruit knows how to make other fruit shine.
Any dish, any time Starfruit from Florida Any dish, any time You can have fun while adding a nutritious punch to a dish or snack by adding some stars, starfruit. Nutrition Recipe