All about Solo papayas

Taste:  Similar to a melon in flavor, Solo papayas are juicy and very sweet, providing a fragrant but not a musky aroma.

Growing: Brazil

Season: Year-round. More…

Selection: Papayas yield to gentle pressure when ripe. Their skin should be smooth and unblemished. 

Ripe:  It’s ripe starting at 50% yellow when it gives to a gentle squeeze. More on ripening…

Open: Slice in half, discard the seeds. Ideas on chopping…

In the know

Open that Solo


  • Take a spoon to it. Perfect snack or addition to your workday lunch.
  • Squirt lime on the Solo making its flavor sublime.
  • Grill’em, slice into lengthwise quarters and throw them on the grill. Perfect with the evening’s entree.
  • Scoop out the sweet insides for slices or chunks. Perfect for tossing into salads or topping a breakfast or brunch.
  • Get “bowled” over. Scoop in a salad, dessert, even an entree. Enjoy the fruit as a tasty and nutritious bowl.
  • Discard or Dry those seeds, toss into a blender to make pepper.

Is it ripe?

This Solo papaya is ripe starting at 50% color and when it gives to a gentle squeeze. Don’t refrigerate until ripe!

To speed up ripening give the papaya a room temperature of 70 to 80 degrees. Go faster by putting the Solo in a paper bag with an apple or banana.


Papayas have a myriad of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients. Almost perfect, a great fruit for maintaining a nutrient-dense and cancer-fighting diet. See what our nutritionist says about this fruit..

tips on opening

You’re only one slice away from enjoying a Solo papaya with a spoon. If you’re chopping up the gorgeous orange inside, here’s a quick way to peel the fruit.

our groves

We grow our Solo papayas in Brazil. With the seasons almost opposite of ours (their summer is our winter), we get this lovely fruit year-round with peaks in their summer. See how this fruit is grown.

When orange counts

The nutritional ante is upped when it comes to foods with red and orange pigment. Solo papayas’ beautiful orange flesh results from naturally occurring orange and red pigments. These pigments are called carotenoids. See why it’s important to eat orange…

3 step breakfast

  1. Slice open a Solo papaya
  2. Discard the seeds
  3. Use the Solo half as a healthy bowl to hold and eat.
    Add-in almost anything on the breakfast menu. Cereal, yogurt or fruit quickly comes to mind.

Eggs? Bake’em in the Solo. Almost everything tastes great when served in a Solo papaya.

the 3-way fruit

  1. Slice and squirt – open the Solo and simply enjoy with a squirt of lime.
  2. Scoop out – scoop out the beautiful orange insides to add to any dish.
  3. Scoop in – Make the Solo the dish for a healthy and great tasting bowl.

More ideas…

Know ur papaya

Different kinds of papaya out there. Chances are you’ll enjoy them all with a touch of info to know how best to enjoy them.