Garnishing with starfruit

A simple way to add a “starring” ingredient to any dish, garnish with a starfruit. It’s easy, fun, delicious, and we shouldn’t forget, nutritious.

Slice and top

Just about any dish can reach galactic heights with a starfruit slice perched on top.


Rim perch

From starfruit’s outside that closest to its middle (not the point), slice to a point just before the middle. Make the cut small, starfruit doesn’t need a lot to perch on the rim.


Star or flower?

Of course garnish with a star-shaped slice, but also trim those star’s edges for a flower shaped garnish.


Drop the stars!

Let starfruit grace a sparkling water or iced tea.

More the merrier!

Your garnish will go fast if you don’t garnish with plenty of starfruit.



Garnish or ingredient? Let your eaters decide. Top, toss, bake or dunk starfruit for great taste and a starring appearance.