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Caribbean Red and Solo papayas

When your papaya is about 50% yellow, give it a gentle squeeze. If it gives, the papaya is ready to eat.

Solo papaya

Solo papayas are ripe starting at 50% yellow, and if they give to a gentle squeeze. All yellow, enjoy within 2-3 days.

SlimCado avocado

It stays green as it ripens on your kitchen counter (don’t refrigerate).  A gentle squeeze will tell you if ready for slicing or guacamole.

Starfruit from Florida

Light and refreshing, starfruit delivers vitamins and minerals with few calories.


It’s a beautiful fruit. But hold off eating until it’s wrinkled. See what we mean…

Groovy Coconut

Groovy Coconut is ripe when picked. Ready for you to open to a gorgeous white inside. Don’t drink the liquid (that’s another coconut).

Dragonfruit or Pitaya

Its appearance is a show stopper, the flavor familiar yet tropical and dragonfruit has a nutritional punch. Read more..

Persian Limes

Harvested ready to “squirt”. Just don’t refrigerate! More…

Red guava

While the tropical flavor may seem indulgent, it’s hard core nutrition that’s packed into every guava.