For our Groovy Coconut retailers and wholesalers

Ethylene Production and Sensitivity: None
Shelf Life: 14 days
Brooks Availability: year-round
Brooks Origin: Dominican Republic
Storage: 65°F
Humidity: 75% or less

Go beyond the tropicals….

Absolutely a display in your tropicals produce section, fresh coconuts aficionados will not want to look farther. But also…

  • Make a cake displays Many fresh coconut lovers started with a coconut cake. It’s all about adding a truly sparkling ingredient that adds moisture and freshness to a baked good that’s hard to duplicate with anything else. Displays that highlight in-season fruit perfect for cake and pie baking need Groovy Coconuts.
  • Coconut class displays Your customer will appreciate understanding the difference between immature (green or young coconuts), mature (Groovy Coconuts) and desiccated (or dry coconuts). Groupings of all three with some good signage will sell coconuts. Make sure your Produce Aisle folks know the differences too.


coconut shopping

Show what the consumer needs to know (in priority order)

  1. Groovy Coconuts are mature coconuts whose gorgeous white insides are ready for scooping, slicing or shredding into or onto any dish.
  2. The liquid in mature coconuts IS NOT coconut water. That comes from immature, green or young coconuts.
  3. Do not refrigerate until after opening.
  4. To select a great coconut…

1.  Jiggle it. If you hear any liquid sloshing about, that’s a good sign.

2.  Hold it. If it feels heavy for its weight, that’s a good sign.

3.  Look at it. If the outside is simply brown and hairy like any good coconut with 3 dark circles
at one end, that’s a good sign.

With 3 good signs, that’s a coconut with a gorgeous inside waiting to be opened. Call Brooks Tropicals to use this artwork.

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Box count: 24

Pallet count: 63 boxes