All about Groovy Coconuts


What is a Groovy Coconut?: It’s a mature coconut that has been husked. It’s ready for opening and extracting the sweet white insides.

Taste: This coconut’s white insides have a sweet, nutty flavor.

The liquid inside is not coconut water, and it is not recommended to be consumed. Fresh coconut “water” is found in immature, or green, water coconuts.

Selection: That hard coconut shell doesn’t let you see inside. Let the coconut tell you how it’s doing with a jiggle, hold and look. These 3 signs will tell you what’s inside that mature coconut.

Ripening:  Shipped ready to enjoy.

Shelf Life: Do not refrigerate. Enjoy within a week.

How to open: It’s not typical kitchen prep, but it’s worth it.  See how…

Brooks Availability: year-round

Brooks Origin: Dominican Republic


Groovy Coconut
Groovy Coconut

My coconut looks different, why?

In the know

Once you go fresh…

You won’t go back to the shredded coconut found in the store that has been dried. Most have had preservatives and sugars added. The difference in taste is summed up in one word, fresh.

If you’ve only had packaged coconut, your first taste of fresh will push the reset button on what you think coconut tastes like.

The fresh tropical taste that coconut adds to a dish, making the dish sparkle. When baked, the fresh coconut adds moisture and sweetness that’s not easy to achieve with anything else.


Shredded vs Fresh
Shredded vs Fresh

tips to open

The idea is to open and extract the gorgeous white insides from a mature coconut’s hard shell. You want to slice, chop, shred as desired. It’s not easy but it’s doable with a Groovy Coconut.

Hardware and time is all it takes. Say what?

Pulling out a hammer, flat-head screwdriver, and an ice pick isn’t your usual dinner prep, but its worth it. The good news is you can freeze coconut slices and shredded coconut for months.

So don’t just open one, open several and freeze for future enjoyment.

The many shapes of fresh coconut
The many shapes of fresh coconut
Hard shell doesn't show what's inside
Hard shell doesn't show what's inside


Do these three things before buying a mature coconut like Groovy Coconut..

  1. Jiggle it! Do you hear liquid sloshing about? That’s a good sign.
  2. Hold it in your hand. Does it feel heavy for its weight? That’s another good sign.
  3. Check out that coconut’s brown hairy shell. Do you see anything that’s not brown and hairy? That a good sign.

Three good signs mean there should be a moist white inside waiting to be enjoyed.

Do you know which coconut is immature?
Do you know which coconut is immature?

Know ur coconuts

Chances are you’ve enjoyed coconut in its different stages without knowing it.

  1. That coconut you’re sipping coconut water out of is a water or green coconut.
  2. Enjoying a slice of coconut that’s moist and oh so white? That came from a fresh mature coconut like a Groovy Coconut.
  3. Grabbing some shredded coconut out of a bag? Chances are that’s dried coconut.

More about coconuts and how to pick…

Coconut palm grove
Coconut palm grove

Growing coconuts

The coconut palm (cocos nucifera) can grow up to 50′ tall. But don’t call it a tree, many botanist consider it a grass.

Coconut palms are found throughout the tropics. They tolerate salt and love a sandy soil so you’ll find them usually near the sea.

The coconut is actually a fruit and seed all in one. In fact, it’s one of the largest seeds on earth.

Our Groovy Coconuts are grown in the Dominican Republic. We harvest year-round.

Nutritional positive
Nutritional positive

Best fattening food ever!

What a claim to fame! Coconut is not only tropically delicious but is rich in medium chain triglyceride fats that help

  • Improve your metabolism
  • Clear cholesterol from the body and bloodstream
  • Aid in digestion
  • Fight off bacteria and warding off depression
No recipes needed
No recipes needed

No recipe needed

Slivers of coconut steal the show in any dish, but don’t stop there.

Shredded coconut can top desserts, appetizers and entrees – your pick.

Adding heat to the coconut brings its taste to new levels. Toast the coconut slices or shreds before topping that dish. Or add fresh coconut to the batter for almost any cake, bread, pie, or muffin.

The ultimate coconut dish is when the coconut makes the dish. Its sweet tropical flavor highlighting every spoonful being eaten.

Groovy Coconut avoids sharp edges
Groovy Coconut avoids sharp edges
Recipes of many lands
Recipes of many lands

Of course, recipes

The coconut palm plays an important role in the tropics, providing food, clothes and shelter. It’s called the tree of life or tree with a thousand uses in some parts of Southeast Asia, where it originated.

Coconut’s role in tropical cuisines will delight you. It’s not an easy fruit to get into, but it’s worth it. Enjoy some of these tropical recipes.

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