Florida tropicals

In the continental U.S., only Southern Florida grows

Gorgeous tropical fruits like our SlimCados, starfruit, passionfruit, dragonfruit, lychees, mamey, jackfruit and more. Select a fruit below to read more…

SlimCado avocado

A creamy buttery avocado taste that comes naturally with less fat and fewer calories.  A gentle squeeze will tell you if ready for slicing or guacamole.


Light and refreshing, starfruit delivers vitamins and minerals with few calories.


It’s a beautiful fruit. But hold off eating until it’s wrinkled. Get passionate about passionfruit….

Dragonfruit or Pitaya

It’s a show stopper, the flavor familiar yet tropical. Add to that its nutritional punch, it’s a great summer fruit.


It’s fruit of Chinese Emperors. It has a short season. Enjoy like royalty.

Mamey sapote

Columbus called mamey the “fruit of the gods”. It’s that sweet. Perfect for smoothies, sauces and much more…


It’s the biggest fruit grown on a tree. Jackfruit is enjoyed as a vegetarian substitute for pork.

Water Coconut

It’s the coconut you drink from for all the good reasons.

Red guava

While the tropical flavor may seem indulgent, it’s hard core nutrition that’s packed into every guava.


Tasty fruit to enjoy just like you would an apple.