Open dragonfruit

You can peel dragonfruit by hand. Just remember red will stain your hands.

Sliced vertically or across its middle, dragonfruit can be simply enjoyed by the spoonful straight out of its skin.

To chop up dragonfruit, all you need is a large spoon, knife and cutting surface.

The fruit is quickly ready to top a salad (leafy or fruity) or tossed into a blender for a slushy drink.

Save the skin, it makes a great bowl to eat that dish sparkling with dragonfruit in it.

Step 1

Using a serrated knife, cut open a dragonfruit across the middle or from top to bottom.

You could peel the fruit from here. Your kids might like doing that.

Step 2

Take a serving spoon and scoop out the white or red speckled insides. Make sure to take off any residual pink skin.

Step 3

Add to a blender for a cooling drink.

Or flip the flat side down on the cutting surface. Slice, chop or blend to your heart’s content.

Save the skin to use as a bowl.