For our retailers and wholesalers

SlimCado, the tropical avocado

Ethylene Production & Sensitivity: High
Shelf Life: Generally one week. Once ripe, the avocado should be enjoyed within one to two days
Brooks Availability: June – January
Brooks Origin: Florida and Dominican Republic
Storage Temperature: 42° – 48°F, do not store below 40°F
Storage Humidity: 85%-95%

Display logistics: Display enough to sell in one day roughly 15-30 pieces (depending on the traffic in your store). When replenishing, rotate any remaining fruit to the front. The display’s front should contain the ripest fruit.

Ideas:  The tropical avocado, SlimCado has a light creamy taste that’s perfect for displays highlight salads, snacks, power shakes, and of course, guacamole.

Make sure this avocado has room in both your avocado/tomato section and the tropical section. And give it room for any avocado toast grouping. With a lighter taste, fewer calories it makes a nutritious toast topper.

Show what the consumer needs to know (in priority order)

  1. SlimCados are not GMO, Brooks has been growing them since 1924.
  2. This Caribbean avocado has a light great avocado taste with a nutty touch.
  3. These avocados stay green as they ripen (except for Hardees). Give them a gentle squeeze. If they give a little they’re ready for your salads and snacks. If they give a lot, get the chips out. There’s a great guacamole to be had.
  4. Grown in Southern Florida and the Dominican Republic. Show the Fresh from Florida logo when from Southern Florida.
  5. SlimCados too have the good fat. But all fat, even good fat, should be eaten in moderation. With SlimCados you can enjoy more avocado for your healthy eating.
  6. More about SlimCado nutrition….

GTIN: 00081679054839

PLU: 4223

Flats: 7,8,9 Doubles: 14,16,18


GTIN: 00081679083457

PLU: 4771

Flats: 10,12,14 Doubles: 20, 24, 28


GTIN: 00081679038457

PLU: 4221

Flats: 16,18,20,24 Doubles: 32,36,40,48


Overall net weights and pallet counts


12-13.5 lbs.

145 boxes per pallet


24-27 lbs.

75 boxes per pallet


33.5 -36 lbs.

50 boxes per pallet