SlimCado tips and ideas

Many ways to enjoy This tropical avocado

Is it ripe?

Use your hands

This tropical avocado stays green as they ripen.*  Gently squeezing will tell you if it’s ripe and about when it will be ready to eat.

  • Avocado’s still hard? 3 to 4 days on your kitchen counter and it should be ready for slicing. Another day or two, you can mash for guac.

Just remember

  • When it gives to a gentle squeeze, it’s ready to slice.
  • When it really gives, it’s ready for guac.

Don’t refrigerate before it’s ripe.

*2 exceptions, click below to see more..

Things to remember

  1. These tropical avocados stay green as they ripen.
  2. Small imperfections are usually scratches from being blown around in the wind.
  3. Give the avocado a squeeze to tell if they’ll be ready when you need them.

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It’s a big tropical avocado, Creamy great taste inside

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slimcados are a big avocado,

big in size and taste

Opening a SlimCado

How you open matters.

Open this tropical avocado so you’ll have nicely sliced halves. Of course, important for slicing and chopping avocado. But do it nicely and you’ll have an avocado “dish” to hold your guacamole or a dish to hold a creamy salad that can be enjoyed with a spoonful of SlimCado with every bite.

The one feature that really matters...

SlimCados don't brown as fast...

And you thought it would be size. But size plays into this feature, this is a huge avocado. You might not eat all of it RIGHT after you slice it open. Yes squirt lime, yes wrap it tight in film. But except for some edges browning, this avocado’s color hangs around longer. A slice on breakfast’s plate, some chunks on the midday’s salad, some mashing and you got guac for the evenings movie binge.

For all avocados, delay browning by slicing it open with a ceramic knife.

slimcados are perfect in salads and more

Beyond guac & toast

Ways to enjoy SlimCados

Tips and ideas for enjoying this tropical avocado from Florida. These are the great light creamy avocados, try them!

It's so good, you ask for the recipe

When we say it’s our tropical avocado and a mix, you don’t believe us. See how quick, easy and tasty guac can be.

Ideas and recipes

Ideas and recipes

Enjoy by the spoon, with some slices, on a salad or in a dessert. OR create a dish and enjoy this tropical avocado, the SlimCado as the healthy dish holding it. Ideas and more…