All about limes

Taste: Persian limes are known for their tart taste.

Selection: Limes should look fresh, not leathery or shriveled at the stem end. Avoid those with a brownish circle at the pointed end or any pitted areas, indicating rot or dryness. More…

Ripen: Is this lime ripe?

Store: at room temperature

Availability: Year-round

Growing:  Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia

In the know

More versatile than salt

NO RECIPE NEEDED! Almost any recipe can be enhanced with a squirt of lime, beverages too!

  • Limes play well with other flavors and usually provide coherence to a recipe’s overall taste.
  • Zero in on a slice of meat, poultry, fish, fruit or veggie. Lime makes its taste soar.
  • Accent that dressing with a dash a lime before tossing into a salad or dish. Go Latino and toss that salad with only squirts of a couple of limes.
  • Side dishes, the name screams boring, squirt some lime excitement into that creamy salad or veggie toss.
  • A sugary dessert can lose its actual flavor without a squirt of lime for contrast.
  • Think about it. The same amazing fruit makes a huge difference when you’re sick at home or partying the night away. A warm tea to chase a cold brings even more relief with a squirt of lime. Your favorite party drink doesn’t taste right without a squirt of lime.
  • Limes can also star in a dish, lime recipes await…

How to select

It’s all about picking the juiciest. The greener the better? Not necessarily.

Tips for getting the juiciest of limes.


This citrus adds both a tasty squirt to almost any dish or drink AND a powerful nutritional punch to your healthy eating.

Growing LImes

Our limes are grown in Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia. We’re harvesting year-round but there are peaks (May thru October) and lows (mid-February through April).

Max juice

Leave no juice behind! Get the most out of each and every lime by slicing a bit differently. See how…

Cocktail plus

Sitting on the edge or emerged in the drink itself, limes are popular garnishes. Some ideas to try…

Lime Vs lemon

It’s not a contest. Here’s what you need to make an informed choice.

Making aqua limon

The body needs water to survive. Let’s add some sparkle to that water with a squirt of lime.

Just a couple of steps more make the best lime water or aqua limon.

In the limelight

Having fun with limes that citrus favorite that adds spark and tart to a drink, entree, dessert and dish.

limes 4 adults

When the drink or dish is plant-based, it’s up to  limes to up the taste value. See why a squirt of this citrus makes a drink refreshing or heightens the flavor of the dish.

Lime's season