Avocados more ways than guac and toast

1. "Sandwiching"

Sliced or mashed, tropical avocados like the SlimCado are a much healthier and tastier alternative to mayo, SlimCados don’t weigh down the sandwich nor the salad. Light, creamy avocado taste that’s perfect for almost any dish.

What about a summer picnic when mayo can’t stand the heat? It’s SlimCado to a great tasting rescue.

Don’t stop there. Spreading mashed up SlimCado on a sandwich or mixing it with a fruit salad adds not a condiment but a great taste to the dish. Spread it thick, because it’s still less fat and fewer calories than mayo.

2. Simply enjoy with a spoon

Take a spoon to it. SlimCados are perfect for a snack or some slices or chunks on the side of a dish.

What about browning? Tropical avocados like the SlimCado are slower to brown. You should still squirt with lime or wrap tight when storing.

3. Salad perfect

SlimCado’s light and creamy great avocado taste is perfect for any almost any salad:

  • Leafy
    • Top that cobb or chef’s salad. SlimCados brown at a much slower rate. So you don’t have to wait until the last moment to slice an avocado to top any salad.
    • Toss in after the dressing. All avocados are a bit fragile to toss vigorously. So wait and toss in the last place with a first-place taste.
  • Fruity – SlimCados stand-out amongst the melons and berries.
  • Veggie – Cucumbers, green beans and squash take the back seat.
  • Tomato – SlimCados have an acid that’s found in olive oil so, of course, tomatoes pair nicely with this fruit.
  • Entree salads like chicken, shrimp and tuna salads. Scoop out the avocado and use the skin as the dish or leave the yummy avocado inside and enjoy the salad with a SlimCado bit with every spoonful.

It’s a salad “quicker-picker-upper.”


4. Worth waking up for

Chop up SlimCado to add to scrambled eggs or slice some for adding to an omelet right before the flip.

5. Chop to top

Get “bowled” over with chopped SlimCado topping that creamy soup. Tomato soup is a perfect example of a soup that could use some avocado.

8. Entree topper

Serve chopped up SlimCado to the top of your meat just before serving. The SlimCado will ever so slightly melt to blend in with the meat’s great taste.

7. Grill'em

Put SlimCados right on the grill. Squirt with lime or soy sauce, if you like. Spray the grill with non-fat cooking spray and throw the SlimCado slices on the grill with or without its skin. Let it cook for 4 minutes.


9. Add to chocolate

Smoothies, puddings, strawberry dips made with chocolate and a SlimCado are tasty, healthy and easy.

10. Guacamole, of course

Make it with herbs and spices or add other fruit.