How a tropical avocado “begins”

How an avocado "begins" Starring our tropical avocado, the SlimCado At season's start, the trees' dark green leaves give way to its bright dainty flowers The blooms of an avocado tree To an avocado grower, these flowers are gorgeous In the warm Florida sun flowers give way to fruit It's how an avocado "begins" As the avocado grows, the branch bends with the weight With the tropics' heat and humidty those tiny avocados grow big. SlimCados, our tropical avocado, will be coming your way starting in June

This popular fruit’s humble beginnings are worth noting. Starting from a dainty little flower that’s definitely not a stem you’d find in a bridal bouquet. That flower will pop with a tiny green fruit. It’s not tiny for long. That fruit grows big, so big that the branch it’s on bends with the weight. We’ll pick at just the right size and at  peak flavor for your enjoyment.