Stars for your holidays

Florida Starfruit

Add stars to your holidays. Whatever you’re having for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack, give the dish some star appeal with starfruit from Florida. No recipe needed.

Trim the tree

Build a tree!

Fun with the kids can turn into a delicious nutritious snack. Why should kids have all the fun? Great centerpiece for the appeticer table Make sure you have toothpicks for eating.

Go cheesey

Starfruit’s a perfect addition to any cheese platter. Some folks may prefer the taste over crackers.

Seconds on the veggies!

How often do you hear that? Sure making a tree out of veggies is cute but adding starfruit ornaments will get your family eating.

Stack the stars!

Finger sandwiches with star appeal

Starfruit’s a perfect addition to any ham, beef or chicken sandwich. But make them finger sandwiches and they’re also cute.

Add a nutritional plus to that sweet treat

Making cookies for gifts? Add starfruit slices for a bright and tasty effect. Also great nutrition in every bite.

Cracker with pop

Thinking of an appetizer to top crackers? Make the topping and top a cracker topped with a starfruit slice.

Top this

What dessert couldn't use star billing

Give that home made (or store-bought) pie some sparkly with a slice of starfruit. But don’t stop there, almost any dessert could use the star treatment.

Simply stars

Doesn’t take much to give egg nog its grand entrance. Sure cinnamon sticks, maybe sprinkle some cinnamon on top, but adding a slice of starfruit makes every toast bright.

Reach for the stars

And get a puff! The dilemma of what to eat first will only be a moment’s hesitiation.