The flowers of our fruits

Papaya's flower

Such dainty white flowers for a fruit that’s big in size and color.

Avocado's flower

These are the avocado’s flowers. To an avocado grower, this flower’s a welcomed sight. The tree is healthy and about to bear fruit.

Florida's starfruit flower

Such a pretty pink and so dainty, that’s a starfruit flower close-up! See how they look on the tree.

Persian limes

For such a tart taste, the lime’s flower is rather sedate. But it’s almost a star in the trees foretelling of a lime to come.


Passionfruit’s flower almost looks like an orchid. Deep purple center contrast greatly with the start white petals.


It’s big, it’s white, it’s almost neon. It’s got to be bright to attract it’s pollinators on full moon nights. Who or what pollinates on full moon nights? Bats!

Mamey sapote's flower

Mamey’s as big as a football. It’s skin almost looks and feels like a football. It’s flower is just the opposite, tiny and dainty. So sweet inside…

Ginger's flower

Ginger is a root veggie, so it’s flower takes on a tremendous meaning. The flower shows how well the ginger root will grow.

Lychee's flower

Chinese Emperors of old set up what we would call a pony express to bring lychee quickly to their palaces from the fields. Flowers on the lychee tree was a sign of ponies to come.

Flowers mean the fruit is not far behind

From such beautiful tropical flowers comes the fruit of our work.

For us, it’s the start of a season. The flowers hint at what kind of a season to expect. Some flowers you’d never put in a bridal bouquet, some are as wild as the fruit and some are dainty in sweet colors.

Uniq Fruit

Found over 80 years ago in Jamaica, the flowers of this fruit are gorgeous. The fruit on the outside, not so much! Combo tangerine and grapefruit taste, that’s Uniq!

Coconut's flower

Under the canopy of palm fronds, a shaft bursts open with tiny buds that will turn into a coconut.