How dragonfruit gets its shape

Florida dragonfruit How this fruit grows This fruit has a coming of age story that's hard to beat. Small buds appear on the dragonfruit's limbs. Florida dragonfruit Tropical cactus bears fruit Growth continues Florida dragonfruit The fruit's sharp spikes start taking shape. Florida dragonfruit Starts flowering The fruit's sharp spikes start taking shape. But inside a beautiful flower is ready to burst forth. As the fruit continues to grow at its base, dragonfruit's top is ready to bloom. Florida dragonfruit Turning lighter Florida dragonfruit Soon to be a wild-looking flower in shape with bright white petals. Both shape and color have a reason. Starts its bloom Florida dragonfruit Waits ...for the full moon night . It's wild shape and bright color will hopefully attract its suitor...a bat. With success... Florida dragonfruit ...the flower fades as the fruit continues to grow at its base. Taking on its familiar shape Florida dragonfruit With its bright pink soon to come. Pretty in pink Florida dragonfruit Growing as it turns bright pink, this fruit has two rough ends. One where it was attached to the plant and the other where the flower was attached to the fruit. Harvest ready Florida dragonfruit Ready to be enjoyed scooped into a snack, blended into a smoothie, or sliced into a salad.