7 no-recipe ideas for passionfruit

Inkblot? No. Passionfruit, yes.




An “inkblot”? No that’s great tasting passionfruit.

Passionfruit’s great simply raw, enjoyed by the spoonful. Here are 7 ways to enjoy.

Tempted to cook, bake, fry or freeze this fruit? Click on the Recipes button below. Whatever the recipe calls for, add an additional passionfruit for the chef to enjoy while preparing their passionfruit dish.

Remember, passionfruit sweetens as it wrinkles.


top a dessert

Scoop on top of a dessert.

Top a dessert

Cheesecake, pudding or ice cream come to mind, the creamier, the better. But that angel food cake could use the burst of the tropics that passionfruit provides.


yogurt is made for it

Yogurt is made for it

Yogurt needs this topping

Greek, flavored, fat-free – whatever yogurt – can transport breakfast to the tropics. Hot cereal lover? Then cook your oatmeal with a scoop of passionfruit in it. Besides the great flavor, the seeds with add a great crunch to your morning start.


cold drinks love passionfruit

Cold drinks love it

BRRRing the tropics to a ice cold drink

Before adding ice to your iced tea or lemonade, add a scoop of passionfruit. Sure add the passionfruit’s juice, but go for it. Isn’t orange juice better with the pulp? The seeds just add fiber to your drink. Added nutritional benefits down the hatch.


Smooth, go with a smoothie

Smooth move, passionfruit smoothie

Toss your favorite smoothie ingredients into the blender, then add a scoop of passionfruit. It’s sweet-tart tropical flavor makes a flavor connection with any other fruit in the drink.


Put a straw in it

Put a straw in it

Suck it up!

Punch a hole in the passionfruit’s skin with an ice pick or pointed edge of a knife. Make a small “x” in the passionfruit’s skin with the knife. Insert a thick plastic straw and take a sip. Make the hole and pack the fruit for lunch or snack. Don’t forget the straw!


Fruit perfect

Fruit salad topper

Fruit perfect

Add a scoop to a melon slice, make room for passionfruit on a fruit plate, toss in with a fruit salad’s dressing. Or simply top an array of fruit with a scoop of passionfruit.


Enjoy by the spoonful

Enjoy by the spoonful

Enjoy by the spoonful

Cut across the middle (serrated knife makes it easy) and take a spoon to it. Great “make you feel special” snack. Perfect for a work pick me up.