Guava gets it on!

GuavaFlavors, like fashion, can be trendy and right now the hottest trending flavor is passionfruit.

The produce section offers so many options these days yet there's something special about a tropical fruit that's got multiple and versatile uses, a vibrant red-pinky pulp and a floral flavor that delivers a powerhouse of nutrition. Yes, it's none other than the small, round fragrant fruit known as guava.

Guava It's awesome when something that tastes and looks so good is also nourishing for the body. While the tropical flavor may seem indulgent, it's hard core nutrition that's packed into every guava.

What the numbers mean

Red guava nutrition info

Often referred to as a "superfruit", guavas are incredibly rich in vitamin C with one fruit delivering more than double daily recommended allowance (RDA) for this nutrient.

The nutritional benefits don't stop with vitamin C. While bananas are often considered the gold standard for potassium (an important electrolyte for maintaining blood pressure and other metabolic functions), guavas beat out bananas with a whopping 220 mg per fruit.

Get your RED on!

Lycopene in guava

Red guavas share a similar nutritional attribute with Caribbean Red papayas. Both get their red hue from lycopene, an incredibly valuable antioxidant.

Lycopene is part of a broader category of antioxidants often referred to as carotenoids which also includes lutein, beta-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin. All these phytochemicals act as a defense mechanism for the body, helping to prevent cell damage which, if left unchecked, can contribute to cancer and other inflammatory diseases.

You'll enjoy both its taste and aroma!

Guava smoothie These bundles of goodness can be used to create so many different dishes.

Of course you could make guava marmalade, glazes, and syrup but sometimes simple is best-just slice and snack or eat in its entirety, peel and all.

Toss guava chunks into a blender with other fresh smoothie ingredients; try freezing first for a slushy drink.

Munch on guava

Adding guava slices to a tossed salad or lightly heated in savory chicken or fish dish adds a snap of color and big flavor.

You can always enjoy red guava as you would an apple, bite-by-bite.

The scoop on guava

How to cut guava Guava is soft to the touch when ripe.

The bright red creamy pulp is the sweet spot with the flavor turning less fragrant towards the outer green rim. Read more...

What are you waiting for?

Guava salads So now there's more than just a few reasons to break out of the hum-drum of everyday cooking. Go get some guava and unlock the flavor of the tropics.

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What the numbers mean...
Get your RED on!
2 ways to enjoy: taste and aroma
The scoop on red guava
What are you waiting for?
Red guava seeds

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What about those seeds?

Seeds in guava
Buried within the pulp are lots of tiny edible seeds. Don't discard, but use with the pulp because they, too, house many of the nutrients described above.

But if the seeds aren't wanted,
here's a couple of ideas to extract them.