Adding fall's colors and great taste
Garlicky shrimp and papaya

Do you see orange and red when you think of fall? Those colors are in abundance both in what we see outside and may use to decorate inside.

Enjoy these beautiful fall colors in what you eat. Papaya and calabaza help make fall memorable not only visually but delectably.
Make room apples -  for fall tropicals 
Would you put apples in a taco? Maybe a veggie taco, but this chicken taco relies on Caribbean Red papaya to deliciously replace the tomato and lettuce. Those papaya pieces on top are just the garnish.
Perfect for dinner with leftovers for a work lunch with a reheat in the microwave. You don't have to go out at lunchtime to enjoy tacos.
Caribbean papaya pie
Apples and pumpkins aren't the only items in the produce aisle that make a great autumn pie. So does the Caribbean Red papaya.
This recipe is a simple chop, mix and pour to a different, great tasting dessert.  
We usually enjoy papaya chilled. But the fruit's versatile and takes the heat. 
The appeal of calabaza...   
Has to go beyond trying to peel it before cooking.  
Why bother? It's so easy to spoon out its beautiful and nutritious orange insides after baking.
Let your diners do the scooping, when you serve a wedge topped with a star-studded sauce. Or the chef can do the scooping and add some onions and corn to heat-up as a casserole like the Calabaza mash recipe shown on the right.
Spring for some 
Add a little spring to your fall table. Our Solo papayas are grown in Brazil in the Southern Hemisphere where the season's just warming up into spring.
Yet this isn't a springtime salad. Bacon, eggs and vinaigrette dressing says fall. Go with it, Solo papayas make this salad right for the season we happen to be in.  
Fall in the tropics   
The leaves don't turn colors, temperatures are still in the 80's and there may be a hurricane to contend with, but fall does arrive and is welcomed in the tropics.   
Enjoy fall's bounty, wherever it's grown.

Yours in the tropics,
Mary Ostlund
Fall colors
The color orange (and red!)