Add a dish or two with a tropical twist to it

Thanksgiving's beloved dishes will always be there. But why not add some unexpected delights that will hopefully and deliciously engage the mob, better known as family and friends?

Perhaps some tropicals will make the delicious deviation next year's tradition.
Tropicals on the dessert table
Fall tropical cake  
with papaya, starfruit  
and fresh coconut 
Fruitcake gets a bad name.
Try adding some tropicals to this holiday favorite. 
When fresh coconut is baked, it's hard to tell it's an ingredient. The cake has such a light, fresh taste that you'll want to know what ingredient made the difference.
And when I say fresh coconut, I don't mean the packaged, shredded variety with added preservatives, whiteners and sugars.   
Make it ahead times two  
Baked brie with a papaya honey pistachio topping
 Thanksgiving is all about allotment of time and space. Time gets crunched and oven space gets eroded as the big day approaches.

The papaya topping on this baked brie is easy to prepare up to three days ahead of time and it doesn't take up a lot of refrigerator space. 
Make extra to top waffles   the next morning
Come the big day, it's easy to find space in the oven for a quick bake. All you have to do is scoop the topping on the cheese, and in 10 minutes, one appetizer is headed out to your guests.

Double the recipe and you've got a superb waffle topper awaiting your guests the next morning. 
Make behind  
Tropical turkey salad
Don't even think about this salad until Thanksgiving is over.
It's not make ahead of the holiday, it's "make behind" when there are delicious leftovers to be had and to be tossed with some tropicals for a "what holiday leftovers?" lunch.    
Much to be thankful for ... 
Sparkling tropical hard cider

Farming in the Caribbean means dealing with hurricanes.

Leonardo da Vinci once said, "Nature is full of infinite causes."

The same Mother Nature who "causes" a hurricane also "causes" some great tropical fruit.

For that, I'm thankful.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Yours in the tropics,

Mary Ostlund
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Do the twist!
On the side,
holiday side dishes
Papaya cranberry sauce

Nutty boniato salad
Caribbean stuffing
Calabaza and chayote with a maple syrup pecan glaze
Papaya hummus