Promise the moon, the stars and the sun  

Galaxy tropical fruit tart
And deliver with tropicals. This is a winter to go sky- high with every dish.

Above a meringue's "cloud," add some "celestial" fruit - starfruit for the stars with slices of coconut and papaya for the moon and sun.

Add papaya and coconut to the filling to warm up "tropically."
Starfruit in a pickle 
Pickled starfruit and onion
Canning in January? When starfruit's in season, yes!

One, you'll have starfruit year-round. And two, it combines with onion for a distinctive flavor that's a great side for dinner.  
Serve cold, or saute for a few minutes to serve hot. 
Make it hot, hot, hot! 
Hot papaya soup
Tomato soup with grilled cheese is considered the ultimate in comfort food.  
Try papaya soup instead, and top the grilled cheese with a slice of tomato.   
That's comfort tropical style. 
  Cereal's bowl takes the day off  
Make a tropical fruit tart using your favorite cereal as the pastry. With starfruit, papaya and coconut, it's both easy and delicious for a breakfast or snack.
Starting a new year with starfruit may be the best perk of this winter. It's a tasty fruit that deserves to be more than a garnish. If you can't be in warm and sunny Florida, enjoy one of our tasty treats.
Yours in the tropics,

Mary Ostlund
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When winter demands tropicals
With star appeal
Starfruit coleslaw
Star-studded fried rice

Starfruit pesto

SlimCado cilantro salad