Brooks Tropicals markets its avocados through an innovative concept. While the most common avocado consumed in the U.S. is the Hass avocado, Brooks Tropicals grows and packs a range of avocado varieties called SlimCados, which share one common characteristic: they have up to half the fat and a third fewer calories than the leading California avocado. Generally pear-shaped with smooth or bumpy green skin, the SlimCado varies in shape and in size from three to thirteen inches long and up to five inches wide.


Hardee Variety


Nutritional Info
Serving size:
1 cup (230g)
Amount per serving
Calories: 276
Total fat: 23.1g
Total carbohydrates: 18.4g
Dietary Fiber: 12.9g

Taste: Light texture with a sweet, buttery taste.
Selection: A fruit that yields slightly to gentle pressure is ready for chopping. With more give, it may be ready for mashing, as in guacamole.
Ripeness: The SlimCado's skin remains green and yields to gentle pressure when ripe. It does not turn black
Ethylene Production & Sensitivity: High
Shelf Life: Generally one week. Once ripe, the avocado should be used within one to two days
Brooks Availability: June - January
Brooks Origin: Florida
Storage Temperature: 42° - 48°F, do not store below 40°F
Storage Humidity: 85%-95%
In store display: Display enough to sell in one day roughly 15-30 pieces (depending on the traffic in your store). When replenishing, rotate any leftover day-old fruit to the front.