All about Kiwano


Also known as horned melon or jelly melon

Taste: refreshingly subtle mix of banana, lime, and passionfruit all enveloped in a cool vibrant green jelly.

Growing: U.S.A and New Zealand

Season: January thru June

Ripe: The kiwano, when ripe, has vibrant orange skin

Don’t refrigerate!

Open: Slice in half. Loosen the insides by pushing a knife into it several times. Scoop out the insides with a spoon. Or squeeze the insides out by squeezing a half with both hands.


In the know

Ideas for enjoying kiwano

Orange and spiky on the outside, kiwano’s insides are a vibrant green with small jewel-like jelly globes. A seed is encased inside each globe.

    • Simply enjoy with a spoon. Eat the seeds!
    • Try adding to smoothies, iced teas, and drinks.
    • Scoop over yogurt or ice cream.
    • Toss into salads, creamy or leafy.
    • Stir into salsas and sauces, making the perfect touch for seafood and meat.
Kiwano, refreshingly taste perfect for summer
Kiwano, refreshingly taste perfect for summer
Kiwano nutrition
Kiwano nutrition


Kiwano packs a nutritional punch, being a great source of minerals including magnesium and potassium. They’re also a good source of dietary fiber.


Hit the Snackpot!

Kiwano has a very low natural sugar content compared to other fruits, making it a great filling snack for those watching their calories.

Looking up into the stars of a starfruit tree
Looking up into the stars of a starfruit tree

3 ways to enjoy

By the spoon or by the wedges, three ways to enjoy…

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