7 no-recipe ways to enjoy Uniq fruit

Sure Uniq Fruit's great simply peeled and eaten like a orange. But this fruit also great when you...

Uniq fruit

Uniq citrus asparagus
When you want to squirt a lemon, try a squirt of Uniq Fruit instead. Add Uniq Fruit juice to the veggie's cooking water and viola! Pass the asparagus.

Broiled Uniq fruit
A couple of minutes under the broiler is great.
Top with cinnamon and berries for a healthy dessert.

Pesto Uniq fruit
Making pesto or salsa, chop up some Uniq Fruit to add to the mix.

Double uniq greens
Add Uniq fruit to any salad.

Uniq basil salad
Build a tower of tropical fruits with Uniq Fruit adding a refreshing tropical taste.

Uniq crab salad
Add Uniq Fruit to any seafood salad.

Uniq juice
Last but not least, simply squeeze for a great and refreshing juice.