Starfruit garnishing tips

Starfruit chicken casserole Buy the size that's fit for the job Larger for solo appearances perched on the side of a glass or dish. Medium, if you're using several slices to top a salad or a dish. Smaller if you're grouping the slices together, like at the bottom of an starfruit upside down cake or on the top of a chicken casserole.

Grilled starfruitWhile you're at it, get out that store-bought minced ginger jar in the refrigerator. Taste processed minced ginger next to fresh. Fresh has a notable fresher, lighter taste and doesn't have the preservatives required to keep it stored in a jar on the grocery store shelf for months.

Starfruit juice and Starfruit dragonfruit smoothie Slice right Thin almost transparent slices when you want the starfruit slices to float on top of sauces, dressing or soups. Go thicker, if the slice is going to sit perched on the rim of a glass or bowl.

When the garnish is an ingredient When you're garnishing a dish that the starfruit is also an ingredient then think thin if you're tossing the starfruit slices with lettuce. Thick, if you're tossing the fruit with other fruits or ingredients. When serving, pull some starfruit slices to the top of the dish.

Go seedless It looks better. After slicing the starfruit and discarding the ends, take a knife or the end of a veggie peeler to poke out the seeds. Or you can line the cut-up starfruit back into its original shape in your hand, and take a barbeque skewer to poke out the seeds from bottom to top. Take your time and don't poke yourself.

Starfruit, cucumber and papaya salad with a starfruit pesto on the side To perch Starfruit, if sliced too thin, can be fragile. So if you want the garnish to "stand", slice the fruit at least 3/8" thick. Then cut from the center to the center between the bottom points. Slicing starfruit thinner needs more starfruit to hold on to the rim. Cut from the center to one of the points. Either way your slice will slip easily onto the rim of the glass or bowl.

Shape-changer Don't trim the edges of the starfruit before slicing. After slicing, cut off the points to have the starfruit slice look like a flower. Fresh or dried Starfruit's a great garnish for any dish that can take on star appeal. Encircle upcoming holiday turkeys and hams with some slices. The meat will be standing alone by the time the meal begins.