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Captn Solo breakfast

Yeah, the kids will love this. Beyond the great taste, there's a reason adults should love it too. Most adults eat three times the serving size stated on the cereal box but count the calories for only one. The size of the bowl is the culprit. Swap bowls, enjoying that cereal you love and eating more nutritiously with a great-tasting Solo papaya holding your cereal. Added benefit: there's less to clean up.


1 Solo papaya
3/4 cup cereal, your choice (chocolate Cheerios shown)
1/2 cup milk, whole/skim/your choice
2 slices Florida starfruit
1 tbs fresh Groovy CoconutTM, shredded

Yield: 2 servings
Prep time: 10 minutes

How to open a Groovy coconut   How to cut starfruit
How to chop Solo papaya


1. Cut a Solo papaya in half and scoop out the seeds. Cut a small slice off the bottom to steady it.
2. Prepare the other tropical fruits.
3. Add the cereal and milk to the Solo. Top with a starfruit slice and shredded coconut. Serve immediately.


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