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Tropical Nutrition
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SlimCado mashup

Mash up a SlimCado, add a squirt of lime and spread it over your favorite slice of bread, bagel or toast. Then top with:

Sliced red pepper with a dash of salt and pepper
Black beans (drained, of course) with the juice of 1 lime
Gorgonzola cheese with a dash of pepper
Sunny-side-up fried egg
2 slices of bacon and a couple of slices of tomato for a B.A.T.
Sliced strawberries drizzled with chocolate sauce and shredded coconut
Pesto sauce and Parmesan cheese
Smoked salmon, red onion and the juice of 1 lime
Cucumber slices, tomato slices and feta cheese

How to chop up a SlimCado

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